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Our Story

Why You'll Love Us

“In early spring, the beginning of the special season of love, the five sepals of each quince flower bend back from a remarkably firm bud, which is pointed, and at first less pink than brown. The bud swells and stands erect, opening to its rose-like shape of tender pink, each petal lightly netted and veined.”  The Goddess of Love by Geoffrey Grigson

It's Spring in Yandoit Hills (and very possibly elsewhere in the world) and the fruit trees are blossoming. Quince, apple, plum... our trees proudly promise that this season will offer yet another bountiful crop of delicious fruit that we will lovingly transform into tantalising jams, preserves and jellies.


Our customers wonder: is it the property's natural spring - offering an abundance of fresh, delicious water - or the undulating hillsides boasting loamy rich soil, or perhaps the loving yet strict organic farming practices that make Yandoit Creek Preserves so very special?  


Perhaps it's our secret family recipes, handed down through generations of jam-makers and shakers, or the serenity of the surrounding spa country, or the sheer beauty of the land which makes those who taste our preserves close their eyes for just a moment, in order to savour the deliciousness on offer, uninterrupted.


We know that you will love Yandoit Creek Preserves. Our delighted customers have been telling us so for more than twenty years.  


Whether it's one jar that you want to savour all by yourself, or enough jars to gift every one of your family and friends this Christmas, do write to us and let us know what you need.


Actually, we know what you need. Deliciousness. A small indulgence. Sweetness. That's why we're here.   


Yandoit Creek Preserves.  Here to bring you beauty and nature's bounty, in a jam jar. x

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