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Sandwiches with butter and cranberry jam

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Yandoit Creek Preserves Blackberry and Apple Jam

Blackberry and Apple Jam


Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Gluten free. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.


Ingredients: Sugar, Blackberries, Apples, Spring Water


320 Grams

  • Product Information

    Beautiful juicy blackberries and crisp home grown apples combine to create this wonderful jam, perfect as a topping for hot buttered toast, or to dollop on home-made crumpets, or – when no one is looking – to simply scoop from the jar and slurp away at the jam’s tart uncomplicated sweetness, just because you can.

  • Blackberry Musings

    “…the running blackberry would adorn the parlours of heaven…” - Song of Myself, an excerpt from a poem by Walt Whitman


    If you’ve ever been out picking wild blackberries, you might agree with Whitman and - while you are out wandering the countryside, looking for your prey - imagine the possibility of blackberries adorning heaven with their dark and dewy droplets of deliciousness.


    Once you’ve found the blackberry brambles, there’s nothing to do but pick and eat, pick and eat. You indulge in as many of the dark sweet jewels as you can find, way beyond the point of sating your hunger. 


    When you finally head home, the sense of being almost drunk with pleasure, having crammed as many blackberries in your mouth as is humanely possible, is blissful.


    Your sticky fingers and stained lips accuse you of gluttony, but you know that you would do it all again tomorrow, if only you could…

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