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Yandoit Creek Preserves English Breakfast Marmalade

English Breakfast Marmalade


Suitable for vegetarians and vegans. Gluten free. No artificial colours, flavours or preservatives.


Ingredients: Spring Water, Sugar, Organic Lemons, Carrots


320 Grams

  • Product Info

    When she had no oranges, the eminently practical Dot Cross, my friend Helen’s mother, used lemons and added carrots for colour to make her old-fashioned bush marmalade. The recipe is fabulous!


    Given that marmalade retains the fruit pulp, peel and includes a large quantity of water, could we perhaps surmise that it is jam’s healthier cousin? Perhaps not, but it’s nice to think about as you slather it on your toast or crumpets or croissant or…

  • Did you know?

    Wikipedia tells us that:


    “In 1524, Henry VIII received a "box of marmalade" from Mr Hull of Exeter. As it was in a box, this was probably marmelada, a solid quince paste from Portugal, still made and sold in southern Europe.


    Marmalade’s Portuguese origins can be detected in the remarks in letters to Lord Lisle from William Grett, 12 May 1534. "I have sent to your lordship a box of marmaladoo, and another unto my good lady your wife" and from Richard Lee, 14 December 1536: "He most heartily thanketh her Ladyship for her marmaladoo".  Marmalade was a favourite treat of Anne Boleyn and her ladies in waiting."

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